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while in ‘ fee ' only the vowel is changed, the consonant 
remaining breathed as in loud speech. It must, therefore, 
be understood in phonetic discussions that whenever we 
talk of a whispered sound we mean one that is pronounced 
with a definite contraction of the glottis. Whether we talk 
of a ‘ whispered (f)' or a ‘ whispered (v)' is indifferent— 
both names signify the ‘lip-teeth whisper' consonant ('v)a. 
17. The acoustic distinction between breath and whisper 
is not very marked, but if we compare (fv) with (f), we 
perceive clearly that (cv) is, like (v), a composite sound, 
with a distinct friction in the larynx. Whispered sounds 
are also feebler than breath ones, the force of the outgoing 
air being diminished by the glottis contraction. 
Other Larynx Sounds. 
18. Glottal Catch (x). When the glottis is suddenly 
opened or closed on a passage of breath or voice, a per¬ 
cussive effect is produced, analogous to that of (k) or any 
other ‘ stopped'consonant. The most familiar example 
of this ‘glottal catch' is an ordinary cough. The student 
should carefully practise the glottal catch in combination 
with vowels till he is able to produce (xa) and (ax) as 
easily as (ka) and (ak), taking care not to let any breath 
escape after the (x) in (xa), as is the case in coughing. 
He should then learn to shut and open the glottis silently, 
and to know by the muscular sensation alone whether it 
is open or shut. It is easy to test the closure of the glottis 
by tapping on the throat above the larynx, which, when 
a The (c ), = ‘ breath,’ combined with (v), which implies voice, 
suggests something intermediate to breath and voice, which is 
whisper. See Ellis, E. E. P. p. 1129.


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