Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

importance and frequency of each word ascertained, all 
of which would be a very laborious work. 
It is, however, clear that the 'ease with which Glossic 
is read by those familiar with Nomic is not inconsistent 
with considerable divergences between the two. It is, 
therefore, an important question to consider what would 
be the effect of the greater divergence between Nomic 
and Romic on the first attempts of a Nomic reader to 
understand Romic. If the difference between Glossic 
and Romic in ease of acquirement by a Nomic reader 
amount, as it is possible it may, only to half-an-hour’s 
preliminary study of the elementary symbols of the latter, 
and the principles of their combination, then it is a serious 
question whether it is worth while sacrificing the interests 
of future generations of learners to the half-hours of the 
comparatively few who have to make the transition from 
Nomic to Romic. 


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