Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

to make the writing of r phonetic could only produce 
such spellings as these, which would quite defeat the 
aims of the system:—peeu ( = peer), peeuring (peering), 
samt (soar), facidha,faadhu (farther), soafer (sofa), er gens t, 
ugenst (against), &c. 
In short, Glossic cannot be regarded as a consistently 
phonetic system even on its own principle of taking the 
values of combinations for granted. 
The following tables have been prepared with a view 
to enable the reader to judge for himself on the relations 
of Glossic and Romic to one another and to Nomic. 
They consist of typical words chosen impartially to re¬ 
present most of the more important values of the different 
Nomic letters and combinations, together with the Glossic 
and Romic spellings.


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