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ferently that may be proposed. What is wanted is a simple, 
consistent, and above all elastic spelling, which, within 
certain practical limits, will adapt itself to every change of 
pronunciation. Changes of pronunciation cannot be con¬ 
trolled by any spelling based on the Nomic values of the 
letters. There is, for instance, no reason why 00 should 
represent the sound of long u any more than that of long 
i, nor consequently why the uu of 4 boon ’ should not 
change through byyn (with the French u) into biin without 
any change of spelling being thought necessary, and con¬ 
sequently without any control of such possible changes 
being exercised. 
International Intelligibility. 
One very important result of a return to the Roman 
values of the letters would be the restoration of the 
original harmony of the English with the Continental 
values of the letters, which would much facilitate the 
acquisition of English by foreigners, and vice versa. 
At present, English people and foreigners have to learn 
each other's languages almost entirely by eye, unless 
thoroughly taught by a native, and consequently are 
utterly at a loss when brought face to face with the 
spoken language—in fact, they have to learn the same 
language twice over. Thus when a German sees the 
English written word right he easily associates it with 
his own recht, as also the English name with the German 
name, but when he hears the genuine rait and neimy 
he is thrown completely off the scent. Conversely, 
when an Englishman comes across the German knie for 
the first time, he at once thinks of his own kneey and


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