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years that have elapsed since Messrs. Ellis and Pitman 
first began to work a phonetic alphabet, practically every¬ 
thing has been changed, especially within the last ten 
years. The labours of Messrs. Bell and Ellis have given 
us a thorough analysis of the sounds of English, the 
history of English pronunciation has been fully inves¬ 
tigated by Mr. Ellis, and a variety of spellings have been 
practically tested. 
It is now possible from an examination of these various 
systems to deduce certain general principles, by which all 
reform must be guided. If there were no such principles, 
the problem would be a hopeless one. Nothing can be 
done without unanimity, and until the majority of the 
community are convinced of the superiority of some one 
system, unanimity is impossible. 
No one is qualified to give an opinion on spelling 
reform who has not studied these general principles, and 
has at least an elementary knowledge of the formation of 
the sounds of the English language and their relations to 
one another. 
The present remarks are intended to supply the neces¬ 
sary information in as clear and untechnical a form as 
possible, so as to enable the general reader to form an 
independent judgment without having to search through 
an indefinite number of scattered publications.


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