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and does not convey the idea of robustness, physical or mental. 
His acquaintances generally appear to have mingled in their 
regard for him a sort of tenderness, as if he were one to be 
shielded from the rougher experiences of life. Those who have 
known him best, testify to his character as “ a man of honor 
and proper moral feeling.” 
Our first call on Mr. Home was made without signifying our 
intention to any one. We had never seen him or corresponded 
with him, and did not suppose that he even knew us by name. 
But as we rang the bell, he, without having seen us, said to 
Mrs. R., at whose house he was stopping, “That is Mr.- 
who rings. He has come to call on me.” 
Dr. Winslow Lewis, long known as one of the most eminent 
surgeons of Boston, informed us, in Home’s presence (Feb. 21, 
1865), that he (Dr. L.) took up the “Boston Directory” the 
day before to look for a name which he had not mentioned to 
any human beingl “ Here, I’ll find it for you,” said Home, 
taking the book out of his hand, and instantly pointing to the 
Dr. Lewis also told us that he handed to Home a photograph- 
album, full of likenesses, the originals of which were unknown 
to him; and Home pointed to tljose persons who had deceased, 
and in every instance he was right. 
“Second sight,” said Home, joining in the conversation, “is 
my strong point.” (His mother had been a seeress. From her 
he had probably derived his gift.) “Being at a party once in 
London, I heard one man say to another, ‘Do you know that 
fellow?’ — ‘Oh, yes! that’s that humbug, Home? At once I 
turned to the last speaker, and said, ‘Excuse me, sir; but I am 
at this moment vividly impressed with the particulars of an 
affair in which you were an actor* — let me see — when you were 
twenty-two years of age. But I cannot help wondering why 
you took the course you did, when you might have’ — here 
* Instances of a similar faculty in the lives of Zschokke, the late Forceythe Willson, 
and others, are well authenticated.


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