Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Prussia, and other royal personages, who have had ample oppor¬ 
tunities, which they have used, of investigating the phenomena 
and inquiring into the character of the medium. 
“I have resided,” continues Mr. Home, “in America, Eng¬ 
land, France, Italy, Germany, and Russia; and in every country 
I have been received as a guest and friend by persons in the 
highest position, who were quite competent to discover and 
expose, as they ought to have done, any thing like contrivance 
on my part to produce these phenomena. I do not seek, and 
never have sought, the acquaintance of any of these exalted 
personages. They have sought me; and I have thus had a cer¬ 
tain notoriety thrust upon me. I do not take money, and never 
have taken it; although it has been repeatedly offered me for or 
in respect of these phenomena. . . . Some of the phenomena in 
question are noble and elevated, others appear to be grotesque 
and undignified. For this I am not reponsible, any more than I 
am for the many grotesque and undignified things which are 
undoubtedly permitted to exist in the material world. I sol¬ 
emnly swear thafe^ I do not produce the phenomena aforesaid, 
or, in any way whatever, aid in producing them.” 
In the course of the cross-examination, Mr. Home said, “I 
have seen spirits ; have conversed with them orally. They have 
called to me in sounds audible to my ear; and I have talked to 
them. Strange sounds are heard, like a rapping. It does not 
indicate who the spirit is. We take it for granted, the same as 
in the call of the telegraph wire, that there is an intelligence 
there at the end of it. The language used by the spirits is 
exceedingly beautiful and elevated. 
“I have been bodily displaced in violation of the ordinary 
rules of gravity. (I must protest against its being supposed 
that I am the only person to whom this has occurred.) Chairs 
and tables have been moved in the same way. I have found a 
useful result of Spiritualism in convincing those who did not 
believe in it of the immortality of the soul.” 
Mr. Home is a person of very delicate constitution and ex¬ 
treme nervous sensibility. He is tall, slender, and fair-haired,


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