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She soon found she had miscalculated in regard to Mr. Home. 
Instead of taking her matrimonial hints, he was so unaccommo¬ 
dating as to fall ill, and threaten to die. He had a little boy for 
whom Mrs. Lyon conceived a deadly dislike; and she now saw 
before her the prospect of the. large sums she had parted with 
going to enrich this youth. One fine day, as Mr. Home was 
about starting for Paris, he was arrested and thrown into prison 
under a writ of ne exeat regno. 
The trial came on in the spring of 1868, before Vice-Chancellor 
Giffard, who decided the case adversely to Mr. Home, ordering 
him to restore all the money he had received from Mrs. Lyon. 
From this decision Mr. Home appealed; but lately there has 
been a compromise between the parties, which ends the affair. 
The fable of the wolf and the lamb is recalled by Mrs. Lyon’s 
attempt to show that she was under the “ undue influence, as¬ 
cendency, and power” of Mr. Home. Hers appears to have 
been the stronger will in the case ; and she had every thing her 
own way. 
The affidavit of Mr. Home sets forth, that from his childhood 
he has been subject to the occasional happening of singular 
physical phenomena in his presence, which are most certainly 
not produced by him or by any other person in connection with 
him. “I have,” he affirms, u'no control over them whatever: 
they occur irregularly, and even when I am asleep. Sometimes 
I am many months, and once I have been a year, without them. 
I cannot account for them further than by supposing them to be 
effected by intelligent beings or spirits. Similar phenomena 
occur to many other persons. . . . These phenomena, occurring 
in my presence, have been witnessed by thousands of intelligent 
and respectable persons, including men of business, science, and 
literature, under circumstances which would have rendered, 
even if I had desired it, all trickery impossible.” 
Mr. Home proceeds to affirm that they have also been wit¬ 
nessed in their own private apartments, when any contrivance 
of his must have been detected, by the emperor and empress of 
the French, the emperor of Russia and his family, the king of


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