Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

to him, after the reservation of a life-interest, a further snm of 
£30,000. All this was done in legal form, and after deliberation 
and consultation. 
Whether it was the part of good taste and manly independence 
in Mr. Home to accept these large sums, we decline to discuss; 
but we will venture the remark, that, among the self-righteous 
ones who have made him the subject of their denunciations, there 
is probably not an individual who, under similar circumstances, 
would not have consented to be enriched in the same way. 
From the facts in Mr. Home’s affidavit, we are led to infer that 
it was not till after he had been thus formally adopted by the 
old lady as a son, that he discovered she had been calculating on 
his marrying her. “ Do you know,” said she, “ that nothing 
would be greater fun than that I should marry you? How the 
world would talk!” Mr. Home does not appear to have been 
agreeably impressed by the intimation. 
In her bill of complaint, Mrs. Lyon asserted that she was 
made to believe by Home, “ that the spirit of her deceased hus¬ 
band required her to adopt the said defendant.” It very soon 
appeared on the trial, by her own displays of wilfulness and 
headstrong unveracity, that the old lady was one whom neither 
spirits out of the flesh nor in the flesh would be likely to influ¬ 
ence to do what was contrary to her own caprice. She contra¬ 
dicted her own testimony so grossly, that even the presiding 
Vice-Chancellor — bitterly prejudiced as he was against Mr. 
Home and against Spiritualism-—could not avoid speaking of 
her testimony as “ clearly untrustworthy, and such as no man 
ought to have his case decided upon against him.” 
And yet there was no evidence whatever, except her own 
assertion, that Mr. Home had tried to get her to adopt him, by 
representing that her departed husband recommended it Mrs. 
Lyon seems to have been dazzled by the social position which 
she fancied that Home occupied, by his presents from kings 
and emperors, and to have aspired to mix in the aristocratic 
world, and to assume in her old age a rank from which she had 
been all her life excluded. 


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