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I noticed an adhesive, viscous feeling which was explained as 
being the result of a damp, impure atmosphere. These flowers 
were held near and over the light, which seemed to feed and give 
them substance in the same manner as the hand. 1 have no¬ 
ticed that all these spiritual creations are nourished and fed or 
materialized by means of the electrical reservoir or cylinder, and 
that when they begin to diminish or pass off, incrassation or 
increase takes place the moment they are brought in contact 
with, or in proximity to, the electrical light. By raps, we were 
told to 1 Notice and see them dissolveThe sprig was placed 
over the light, the flowers drooped, and, in less than one minute, 
melted as though made of wax, their substance seeming to 
spread as they disappeared. By raps, { See them come againl 
A faint line immediately shot across the cylinder, grew into a 
stem ; and, in about the same time required for its dissolution, 
the stem, bud, and roses had grown into created perfection. 
This was several times repeated, and was truly wonderful. We 
were promised the phenomenon of their probable disappearance 
in the gaslight when the atmosphere became pure and clear. 
“ Sunday Evening, Feb. 23, 1862. — Flowers. Atmosphere 
very damp. Conditions unfavorable. The flowers were repro¬ 
duced in the same manner as last evening. I felt them carefully; 
and a rose was placed in my mouth, so that I took its leaves 
between my lips. They were delicate as natural rose-leaves, 
and cold ; and there was a peculiar freshness about them, but 
very little fragrance. The following message was written upon 
a card: ‘ My dear C-,—Again we have to contend with the 
atmosphere; but how much we have been able to do, owing to 
the many powerful aids who have been so kind to us ! Do you 
realize the great blessings we are giving you ? Do you realize 
what a great proof you have received in being permitted to see 
the flowers which decorate our sacred walks? . . . The time is 
coming, has come, when this subject will be honored. Good¬ 
night. — Estelle.’ 
“ Tuesday Evening, Feb. 25, 1862.—Appearance in presence 
of a third witness, Mr. G-, the medium, and myself. The


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