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able mechanical apparatus ; the production of lights of various 
colors, sizes, shapes, degrees of brilliancy, and duration of in¬ 
candescence, in every case without the presence of any chemical 
agents or apparatus known to or usable by man ; and. lastly, the 
reproduction of living material bodies, through which extempo¬ 
raneous, but real and tangible physical organizations, the spirits 
have re-appeared to their friends on earth, expressing their pecu¬ 
liarities of physical form and movement, and likewise their 
peculiar and distinctive modes of apprehension, feeling, and 
intellection. Through these temporarily organized effigies of 
their former earth-bodies, they have (as I know from several 
instances of recent date) spoken to and sung with their relatives 
here, and have given many other equally palpable proofs of their 
ability to reconstruct and inhabit a physical form. 
u II. Phenomena of a mental nature not referable to earthly 
volition and intelligence; such as the contrivance and produc¬ 
tion of the physical phenomena above cited; the production of 
writings in various ancient and modern languages, wholly un¬ 
known to those in whose presence they have been executed ; the 
utterance of prophecy; the narration of events, and the recital 
of mental facts that are transpiring in distant places, often 
across broad oceans; thfe improvisation and incredibly l'apid 
production of symbolic drawings and elaborate pictures by per¬ 
sons not versed in the pictorial art, and unable to explain the 
symbols they have executed and combined in such a way as to 
convey a good lesson of life, or renew a long-buried personal 
reminiscence; lastly, the felicitous and accurate impersonation 
of persons long departed this life, and who were wholly un¬ 
known to and unheard of by the personators. 
u The philosophy of spirit-intercourse sheds a mellow light 
over human history and human science. It founds a positive 
psychology, and teaches where to look for wellsprings of inven¬ 
tion and progress; and it reconciles us to the hard ministry of 
sin and sorrow, of ignorance and suffering.” 
In i860, Mr. . ........ an opulent and well-known 
banker of New York (formerly of the firm of L..... &


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