Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

“ The spiritual world 
Lies all about us, and its avenues 
Are open to the unseen feet of phantoms 
That come and go, and we perceive them not, 
Save by their influence, or when at times 
A most mysterious Providence permits them 
To manifest themselves to mortal eyes.” — Lojigfellow. 
E come now to a narrative of phenomena so remarkable 
* * that they will probably excite many an exclamation of 
incredulity, although the authority on which they rest is above 
We have already had occasion to quote the testimony of Dr. 
John F. Gray, of New York. He was one of the earliest and 
most persevering investigators of the Hydesville phenomena. 
To us he has been personally known for more than a quarter of 
a century; and he is well known to a large circle of intelligent 
patients in the great city where he has had a lucrative profes¬ 
sional practice until, a few years ago, he retired from active 
Dr. Gray accepts the spiritual hypothesis as the only one 
covering all the phenomena he has witnessed. His reasons for 
believing that spirits communicate with men in the body are 
thus stated in a succinct summary of the results that have come 
to his knowledge during the last twenty years : — 
<£I. Phenomena of a physical nature not referable to the laws 
of physical relation; such as the moving of ponderable bodies, 
independent of earthly 'mechanics ; the production of a great 
variety of sounds, also independent of any known or conceiv-


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