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found both boys bound, hand and foot, as I had left them. I 
examined the ropes particularly about the wrists, and found 
them in the precise position in which I had left them, measuring 
from the processes of the radial, ulnar, and metacarpal bones. 
I also found the ends of the ropes under the seats, which I had, 
as previously described, privately arranged in a peculiar man¬ 
ner, in precisely the same position as I had left them*” 
The late Professor Mapes, well known for his scientific attain¬ 
ments, described an exhibition witnessed by him through the 
Davenport Boys. These boys permitted themselves to be bound 
by cords, hand and foot, in any way the operator pleased; and 
in an instant they were liberated by the supposed spirits. The 
spirit of one John King claimed to be the chief actor of their 
band. With this spirit Professor Mapes said he co?iversed for 
half an hour. The voice was loud and distinct, spoken through 
a trumpet. He shook hands with him, the spirit giving a most 
powerful grasp; then taking his hand again, it w'as increased in 
size and covered "with hair. The professor said he went, accom¬ 
panied only by his friends, among whom were Dr. Warren and 
Dr. Wilson. They had a jocular sort of evening, into which 
King entered heartily, and at length played them a trick, for 
which they were not prepared, and which rather astonished 
them. Their hats and caps were suddenly whisked from their 
heads, and replaced in an instant. Turning on the lights, they 
found each hat and cap was turned inside out; and it took many 
minutes to replace them. Dr. Warren’s gloves, which were in 
his hat, were also turned completely inside out. This exhibi¬ 
tion took place in a large club-room at Buffalo, selected by the 
professor and his party, having but one place of entrance and 
exit. The boys sat on an elevated platform at a large table; 
and this table, in an instant of time, was carried over the heads 
of the auditors, and deposited at the most distant part of this 
large room. 
It is unnecessary to multiply descriptions of the phenomena. 
After giving exhibitions in the principal cities of the United 
States, in the latter part of 1864, the Davenport Brothers went


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