Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

then the left-hand door; and finally the middle door was 
closed. At the same time the gas-lights were lowered, so that 
it was twilight in the room. Within ten seconds, two hands 
were seen by the committee and by the audience, at an opening 
near the top of the middle door; and, one minute after, the 
doors opened of their own accord, and the boy bound so tightly 
walked out unbound, the ropes lying on the floor, every knot 
being untied. The other boy had not been released ; and "a care¬ 
ful examination showed every knot and every rope to be in the 
precise place in which the committee left it. 
“The doors being closed as before, with nothing in the box 
besides one of the boys, bound as described, hand and foot, with 
all th^knots beyond the reach of his hands or mouth, in less 
than one minute they opened without visible cause; and the 
boy walked out unbound, every knot being untied. 
“ b. The box being again carefully examined, and found to 
contain nothing but the seats, the boj's were placed in them 
unbound, one seated at one end and one at another. Be¬ 
tween them on the floor was. thrown a large bundle of ropes. 
The doors were then closed. In less than two minutes, they 
opened as before; and the boys were bound hand and foot in 
their seats. The committee examined the knots and the ar¬ 
rangements of the ropes, and declared them more securely 
bound than when they had tied them themselves. I then made 
a careful examination of the manner in which they were tied, 
and found as follows : viz., a rope was tightly passed around 
each wrist and tied, the hands being behind the back; the ends 
were then drawn through the holes in the seat, and tied under¬ 
neath, drawing the hands firmly down on the seat. A second 
rope was passed several times around both legs and firmly tied, 
binding the legs together. A third rope was tied to the legs and 
then fastened to the middle of the back side of the box. A 
fourth rope was also attached to the legs and drawn backward, 
and tied to the ropes underneath the seat, which bound the 
hands. This last rope was so tightened as to take the slack out 
of the others. Every rope was tight; and no movement of the


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