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gained without being unnecessarily cruel. We examined his 
wrists again; and the captain decided not to loosen the rope. 
The whole work of tying the boy was closely watched by me 
during the entire progress, and thoroughly examined when 
done; and I must say that very little feeling was exhibited foi 
the boy. Ko human being could be bound so tightly without 
suffering excruciating pain. His hands were released in about 
fifteen minutes. I then examined his wrists carefully. Every 
fibre of the rope had made its imprint on the wrists. I examined 
them a second time, one hour and thirty minutes after; and the 
marks of the rope were plainly visible. He was pinioned as 
tightly around the body. After being thus tied by his hands, 
he was seated at one end of the box; and a second rog£ being 
passed around his wrists, was drawn both ends through the 
holes in the seat, and firmly tied underneath. His legs were 
tied in a similar manner, so that movement of his body was al¬ 
most impossible. All the knots were a peculiar kind of sailor 
knots, and entirely beyond reach of the boy’s hands or mouth. 
“ The other Davenport boy was tied in a similar way by an¬ 
other member of the committee. After being tied, I carefully 
examined every knot, and particularly noticed the method in 
which he was bound. The knots were all beyond the reach of 
his hands or mouth. He was as securely bound as the other, 
the only difference being that the ropes were not as tight around 
the wrists. This one, as the other, was tied to his seat; the 
ropes being passed through the holes, and tied underneath to 
the ropes attached to his legs. Thus fastened, one at one end 
of the box and one at the other, they were beyond each other’s 
“ Thus far I was perfectly satisfied of three things, ist, There 
was in the box no person except the boys, bound as above de¬ 
scribed; 2d, It was physically impossible for the boys to liberate 
themselves ; 3d, There was introduced into the box nothing 
whatever besides the boys, and the ropes with which they were 
“These being the conditions, the right-hand door was closed;


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