Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

To the Rev. W. M. : — 
■JV/TY dear Friend, — More than twenty years 
ago, we ventured to cross the border of what 
Ennemoser calls "the great ill-famed land of the 
marvellous.” Certain manifestations arrested our 
notice. Repelled and, for a long time, baffled by 
what seemed merely grotesque or trivial, we did not 
abandon inquiry. Our interest in the proscribed 
phenomena has not yet abated. We have lived to 
see the smile of derision with which the spiritual 
hypothesis that accompanied them was at first 
saluted, grow fainter and fainter, until it now rarely 
appears on the lips of well-informed persons; and 
the question is put seriously, even by doctors of 
divinity and veterans of science, "What do these 
things mean ? ” 
I cannot presume to answer dogmatically ; but 
having kept trace of the so-called spiritual move* 
ment that began at Hydesville in 1847, and having, 
long before that period, investigated the kindred 
phemomena of somnambulism, independent and 
mesmeric, I have hoped to offer such a survey of 


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