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was commanded by a voice from thé heavens, “ What thou seest 
write in a book; ” and who, at the conclusion of his Apocalypse, 
tells us, “And I John saw and heard these things.” 
That spirits can move material objects, or manifest themselves 
materially to the touch of mortals, is clearly implied in such 
narratives as those of the angel who delivered Peter out of 
prison ; of the angel who rolled away the stone from the door 
of the sepulchre; of the apostle Philip whom “ the Spirit of the 
Lord caught away” and bore from Gaza to Azotus ; and of Eze¬ 
kiel’s experiences, almost literally like those of some of our con¬ 
temporaries, as mentioned in this volume ; “ So the Spirit lifted 
me up, and took me away. . . . And he put forth the form of an 
hand, and took me by a lock of mine head1 and the Spirit lifted 
me up between the earth and the heaven.” 
Until within the last few years, who was more fit for a lunatic 
asylum than the man who would believe that a spirit could lift a 
table, “thus violating the law of gravitation”? Yet axes of 
iron were made to swim, and men were carried through the air, 
so often, indeed, that Obadiah was afraid lest the Spirit should 
carry away Elijah, after he had announced his presence to the 
king (r Kings xviii.). 
Of spiritual apparitions, it may be sufficient to refer to that 
of Samuel the prophet, who spoke to Saul, and foretold the 
impending fate of the king and of his sons. 
Seership, in the earlier periods of Hebrew history, was a dis¬ 
tinctive and honorable office. Thus we have Iddo, the seer; 
Gad, the king’s seer; Jeduthun, the king’s seer; and many more, 
whose sayings were written down and placed in the Jewish 
archives. We read of the time of Samuel, “ He that is now 
called a prophet, was before-time called a seer; ” and that, “ The 
word of the Lord was precious in those days, there was no 
open vision;” or, as De Witte translates it, “The word of the 
Lord was rare, in those days visions were not frequent. 
Besides these instances, so circumstantially related, and others 
of a like kind with which the Scriptures abound, exemplifying 
various modes of spirit influx and operation, there is the long


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