Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

through our own merits, or through another’s, or through no 
merits at all ; through reverence for a Saviour or saint of old 
time, or through heart-crushing affection for a poor little dying 
infant of to-day- Though our sins are as scarlet, his pardon 
goes with the asking. 
But the soul’s own pardon, — what of that? God, in his 
infinite mercy, may let the waters of Lethe serve us for a time ; 
but, by the inexorable laws of our spiritual constitution, the 
soul’s day of judgment must come, sooner or later, and the later 
the more terrible. The fearfulest judgment-seat will be that 
which in some moment of illumination, of expansion of our 
natural powers, we shall find established within the domain 
of our own intellectual being. Judge, jury, witnesses, will be 
there, — 
“ There is no shuffling ; there the action lies 
In his true nature ; and we ourselves compelled, 
Even to the teeth and forehead of our faults, 
To give in evidence.” 
In that day of the soul, we can no more escape the inefface¬ 
able brand which conscience will put upon us, than we can run 
from our own shadow in the sunlight. 
Such are the teachings of psychometry.


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