Volltext: Planchette: Or, The Despair of Science

many years, having entirely satisfied myself years ago of the 
truth of most of the phenomena. — that is, of their actual happen¬ 
ing; and I have at the same time and for many years formed 
and constantly expressed the opinion that it was wrong to be¬ 
lieve in, or act upon, what might appear to be communications 
from the unseen, on their own evidence merely. I have in¬ 
variably inculcated that no such communication should be re¬ 
ceived as of so much value as if it were told by a friend in this 
world, inasmuch as you know something of your friend here, 
and cannot know the identity or origin of the communicant. 
“I have frequently referred to the passage in the Old Testa¬ 
ment, in which it is said that God sent a lying spirit, and to the 
directions given us in the New Testament, to try or test the 
spirits. I have pursued the inquiry under great misrepresenta¬ 
tions and obloquy, and I intend to continue it as long as I can; 
and I believe that the subjects of spiritual visions, trances, 
ecstasies, prophecies, angelic protection, and diabolic possession, 
anciently recorded, have already had light thrown upon them, 
and will have much more. I submit that I have a right to 
pursue an inquiry into psychological laws, without being sub¬ 
jected to ridicule or abuse, and that the proof of supernatural 
occurrences is valuable in both a scientific and religious point 
of view. The mere physical phenomena which the public 
erroneously fancies to be the whole of Spiritualism, and which, 
of course, afford room for spurious imitation and fraud, are in 
my belief the most unimportant part of the subject* and have not 
for years engaged my attention.” 
Mr. G- H. Lewes, author of a u History of Philosophy,” took 
part in the Tyndall-Home controversy, in a long letter, (May, 
1868), the burden of which was, that men of science were quite 
right to refuse to waste their valuable time in investigating the 
pretensions of mediums, and that “had the tone of Faraday’s 
letter been ten times more offensive, it would have been no 
excuse for Mr. Home’s declining his investigation.” 
Upon which the London “ Spiritual Magazine” remarks, “Let 
the matter as to examination be put on its right ground ; namely,


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