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admiration of rnj children, who were diverted to find another 
person gifted like their father. How the old lemon merchant 
came by his knowledge, he could not explain, neither to me nor 
to himself; he seemed, nevertheless, to value himself somewhat 
upon his mysterious wisdom.” 
Emile Deschamps communicates to “Le Monde Musical,” of 
Brussels (1868), the following account of his own experience in 
psychometry : “If a man believed only what he could compre¬ 
hend, he would believe neither in God, in himself, in the stars 
which roll above his head, nor in the herbage which is crushed 
beneath his feet. . . . 
“In the month of February, 1846, I travelled in France. I ar¬ 
rived in a rich and great city ; and I took a walk in front of the 
beautiful shops which abound in it. The rain began to fall; I 
entered an elegant gallery. All at once I stood motionless ; 
I could not withdraw my eyes from the figure of a lovely young 
woman, who was all alone behind an array of articles of orna¬ 
ment for sale. This young woman was very handsome ; but it 
was not at all her beauty which enchained me. I know not 
what mysterious interest, what inexplicable bond, held and mas¬ 
tered my whole being. It was a sympathy subtle and profound, 
free from any sensual alloy, but of irresistible force, as the un¬ 
known is in all things. I was pushed forward into the shop by 
a supernatural power. I purchased several little things, and, as I 
paid for them, said, ‘ Thank you, Mademoiselle Sara.’ The 
young girl looked at me with an air of surprise. ‘It astonishes 
you,’ I continued, ‘that a stranger knows your name, and one of 
your baptismal names; but, if you will think for a moment of all 
your names, I will repeat them all to you. Do you think of 
them?’ ‘Yes, monsieur,’ she replied, half-smiling and half¬ 
trembling. ‘Very well/ I added, looking fixedly in her face, 
‘You are called Sara Adele Benjamine N-‘It is true/ 
she replied; and after some minutes of surprise she began all at 
once to laugli ; and I saw that she thought that. I had obtained 
this information in the neighborhood, in order to amuse myself 
with it. But I knew very well that I had not till this moment


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