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affair. It is the soul which has received ; it is the soul which 
keeps them* 
“ Our own experience offers confirmation of the fact. Is there 
in the organs, by means of which we are to-day in communica¬ 
tion with the universe, I will not say simply a single molecule, 
but a single form, which belonged to the organs which served us 
in infancy? Since that period, how many bodies has not our 
vital faculty taken to itself, used, dissipated! And yet, in spite 
of all these mutations, does not the soul preserve its memory? 
How many things there are on which I had not thought for 
years, which I had let fall completely from rify remembrance, 
but which, all at once, in association with places or with per¬ 
sons, or roused by an effort of attention, start up and re-appear 
to me ! Is there not here an indication of what may be produced 
hereafter in sublime proportions ? 
“Notwithstanding those apparent interruptions of such mo¬ 
ment to us, and which the vulgar in trembling call death, our 
life', considered not in its earth-bound span of a day, to which 
the prejudices of our education reduce it, but in its infinite line, 
is in reality as continuous in all its development as in the short 
period laid bare to us between the cradle and the tomb. . , . 
“In admitting even what our present experience may lead us 
to conclude in regard to the suspension of all remembrance of 
anterior existences,—this, namely, that death must produce on 
unprepared natures the effect of a heavy blow, and that, in strik¬ 
ing, it stuns the memory, —yet to stun it, is not to a7tnihilate it. 
After a suspension of days, months, or years, the memory may 
recover itself. The fact that we may have no reminiscence of 
anterior existences 7iow is no reason why we may not have it at 
some future time. . . . 
“Each one of us carries in his actual form and organism the 
secret history of his anterior emotions ; so accurately, that spirit¬ 
ual eyes, penetrating to the depths of our being, see at a glance 
all that we have been in all that we are. 
“Our history therefore is not only in that Book of Life which 
theologians put in the hands of God ; it is inscribed in our very


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