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less. And hence the spiritual method opens anew the royal 
road to knowledge. Clairvoyance is a practical proof of the 
feasibility and utility of the intuitive method. If the uneducated 
shoemaker’s apprentice, blindfolded and paralyzed, can, through 
supersenuous channels, inact the great facts of science (as has 
been proved and tested in this country often), then we have a 
practical and experimental proof and exhibition of the reality 
and truth of the spiritual method of philosophy. 
“Mere metaphysical argument alone is inadequate to reach 
the masses. But when to spiritual metaphj'sics we add the ex¬ 
perimental illustration of the transcendent nature and relations 
of the soul, we secure both sides of the required demonstration. 
And when on the top of all this, we place the wonderful facts 
of spiritual intercourse, our philosophy becomes irresistibly 
demonstrative. It recognizes the intuitive method as authority 
in revelation, and the inductive and deductive methods as the 
two wings of demonstration. The first reveals ideas and facts,— 
the original data of all philosophy. The last two show the 
logic and relations of those data. 
“ Hence the completeness of the spiritual philosophy. Does 
sensationalism ask for ‘facts’? The experimental branch of our 
philosophy gives them in abundance. Does idealism demand 
ideas and deductions? The ideal side gives them at first hand. 
Does pantheism demand recognition of the Infinite Presence 
and Power? Intuition gives us the direct revelation thereof in 
the very substance of the soul and its relations. 
“ It is vain for Mr. Spencer, Mr. Mansel, and others, to deny 
to us any absolute knowledge, or any knowledge of the absolute. 
The ‘absolute’ of Spencer, Mansel, and others, is nonentity de¬ 
fined as Being. This is evident from Mr. Spencer’s summary 
of the argument for the ‘relativity of all knowledge.’ He saj's, 
* We have seen how, from the very necessity of thinking in re¬ 
lations, it follows that the relative itself is inconceivable except 
as related to a real non-relative.’ We reply, A ‘aion-relative* 
related to the ‘ relativeis a contradiction in terms, and an im¬ 
possible conception. Mr. Spencer’s ‘ non-relative,’ is used to


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