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their witches. It has come down even to our own times, braving 
all persecutions, surviving all the revolutions, physical and 
moral, of humanity. 
“ Beyond a doubt this idea, imperishable because it is true, 
has often been associated with a thousand absurdities. Cupidity 
and tlie lust of domination have often made of it a powerful 
weapon, and have not feared even to disfigure, and pervert, and 
play false with it in order to subject it to their caprices, their am¬ 
bitions, or their needs. But the time has come at length when 
the truth is destined to rise and glitter in all its splendor, chas¬ 
ing pitilessly the errors which ignorance and superstition have 
heaped up during the centuries.” 
All speech is spiritual. All communications addressed to our 
moral or intellectual faculties are of spiritual origin, whether 
they come from spirits incarnate or disincarnate. 
Dr. William B. Potter, author of a pamphlet on the subject of 
modern Spiritualism, says of the communications which he 
himself has heard through mediums, that u endless contradic¬ 
tions and absurdities are mixed up with the most exalted truths, 
and the most profound philosophies. We are taught that God is 
a person, that he is impersonal ; that he is omnipotent, that he 
is governed by nature’s laws; that every thing is God, there is 
no God, that we are gods. We are taught that the soul is eter¬ 
nal; that it commences its existence at conception, at birth, at 
maturity, at old age. That all are immortal, that some are im¬ 
mortal, that none are immortal. That the soul is a winged 
monad in the centre of the brain; that it gets tired, and goes 
down into the stomach to rest; that it is material, that it is im¬ 
material ; that it is unchangeable; that it changes like the 
body, that it dies with the body, that it develops the body, that 
it is developed by the body, that it is human in form; that it is 
in but one place at a time, that it is in all places at the same 
“ We are taught that the spirit-world is on earth,—just above 
the air, — beyond the milky-way. That it has but one sphere, 
three spheres, six spheres, seven spheres, thirty-six spheres, an


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