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of this, that, in the retrograde decompositions of the organic 
compounds of high chemical formulae back to the binary states 
of matter, all the forces appear in the putrefactive chemical 
changes of decomposition. And if spirit, therefore, exists in 
man, it, too, must be but a form of force ; a translation of some 
other force which, in its turn, shall also be translated, and, 
therefore, cease to be as spirit. 
u It presumes all forces physical, and in no state can they ever 
appear in which they may not re-assume the initial form ; that 
is to say, that if all the world, its furniture and people, were, 
and are, the evolutions of transformed nebulae, and the forces 
thereof, then they maj', by the law, be nebulæ again. 
“ But to the point : If it be maintained, as it has been by some, 
that 1 the forces are indestructible, cojivertible, imponderable ob¬ 
jectsit is not yet settled koxv many such forces there are. Or, 
if it be assumed that all forms of force are but the translation of 
one primal force, it is no better settled whether there are not 
permanent residuary forms, not convertible by any knowledge we 
possess, or that all force is,per se, physical, and that there can be 
no force but such as appears in transformations of matter, or in 
the phenomena of heat, electricity, gravity, &c. These points, 
I say, are not by any means settled; and, until they are, it is but 
begging the whole argument to declare all spiritual phenomena 
impossible in view of them. 
“The whole argument might, therefore, be rested here, since 
it is the business of those who urge the argument, founded on 
the forces, against us, to show in what way they can demonstrate 
by the 4 rigid test of fact and experiment," that all phenomena 
are resultant experimentally and logically from the physical 
“ We simply deny that such demonstration has ever been 
made, or that even the vital force has by any such means been 
made to appear as a translation of the other forces. The most 
that can be said upon this point is, that where vital force exists, 
there the other forces are brought into play, and this nobody 
pretends to deny. We may also admit that vital force nowhere


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