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In a review of Faraday’s exploded argument against the 
spiritual phenomena, Mr. Isaac Rehn remarks as follows : “ The 
doctrine of the Correlation and Conservation of Forces is based 
on the indestructibility of matter and force, or, as by some 
stated, on the indestructibility of matter and the persistence of 
force. From this it is argued that all forms, however diversi¬ 
fied, are but the re-appearance of the primitive atoms of elemen¬ 
tary matter in new shapes; and, analogous to this, the powers 
of matter are but the re-appearance of the stored forces of the 
universe, as they are translated into heat, electricity, chemical 
affinity, gravity, light, vitality, mechanical force, &c. Accord¬ 
ing to this theory, wherever mechanical force is expended, the 
given amount of this force must quantitatively appear as some 
other form of force; it may be heat or light, or both, or in some 
other form of force than either; but yet, in whatever form or 
forms it may appear, it must be quantitatively the total of the ini¬ 
tial force, however much it may differ qualitatively from that, 
and can be no more and no less. 
“It is still further urged that the varied forms of matter and 
force, as they affect the transformations in the world, are also 
the efficient and only powers through and by which all vital 
phenomena are produced, these vital phenomena being inter¬ 
preted in that large sense which includes all intellectual or other 
power, by whatever names called. Now, it is another postulate 
of the doctrine of the correlation of the forces that every form 
of force made to appear, may also be made to appear in any 
other given form of force. Thus, if heat is made to appear as 
electricity, electricity may, in turn, be made to appear again as 
heat; and so on through the chapter. 
“ The point sought to be made against the spiritual theory is, 
that, under the doctrine of the correlation of the forces, vitality, 
or vital force, is the re-appearance of some other form of force. 
According to the law, it may also be made to appear as the ini¬ 
tial force or forces engaged in its production, and so can have 
no continuity of existence beyond the physical duration of the 
present life ; and we are referred to the fact, as a confirmation


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