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16. That, nevertheless, the high thought, -philosophy, inde¬ 
pendence, conciseness, and deep reflection evinced by many of 
the answers and sentiments expressed by the odic fluid, point to 
its connection with a general thought-atmosphere, as all-pervad¬ 
ing as electricity, and which possibly is in itself, or is in intimate 
connection with, the principles of causation of the whole uni¬ 
Such is the bold theory of this chemical investigator. That 
the emanations of the human body u may form themselves, with¬ 
out our knowing any thing about it, into a distinct personality, 
with the faculties of perception, memory, reason, and conscience, 
7—a. personality that may rap, write, draw, carry on general con¬ 
versation, make witty and moral observations, and not only 
think, but £ think deeply and profoundly/ and take to itself a 
name (as, in the author’s fanciful experience, it took the name 
©f ‘ Mary Jane and, in short, in every way conduct itself like 
uneducated and well-behaved member of society, — is certainly 
astounding instance of the prodigious capabilities of ‘ odic 
teapor.’ It is an hypothesis which, if it does not merely amuse, 
% likely to startle men of science even more than the spiritual 
theory itself ; and their surprise is not likely to be diminished 
:$n learning that the odic vapor is convertible into intellect; 
feat the odic emanations actually create life and intelligence; 
&nd that there is a universal thought-atmosphere, resulting, we 
Resume, from the phosphorescent and other chemical emana¬ 
tions from the collective brain of humanity, from which these 
^porous personages get the information and ideas which at the 
iune they may not in themselves possess. 
“Admitting the extravagant assumption of a being evolved 
lorn the chemical emanations of our physical substances; nay, 
more, admitting even that these emanations are imbued with our 
fecial idiosyncrasies, —with our mental and moral qualities, — 
Jtill, as a derivative being, it could have only the knowledge, 
ÉÉèas, and qualities of those from whom it proceeded. That 
cannot come out of a man which is not in him. 'Hence, as our 
Öathor very consistently says in the words we have quoted:


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