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up.on two conditions, physical and psychical ; must carry with 
it, as it passes into the next sphere, the impress of the character 
of its progress on earth. Thus our sins and shortcomings 
impress themselves on our very organism; and the life that 
now is shapes the life that is to be. 
Such is an imperfect sketch of the theory of this ingenious 
writer, who brings to the discussion a full, practical acquaint¬ 
ance with the most remarkable of the phenomena obtained 
through Mr. Home and other mediums. 
Dr. John Ashburner, the translator of Rexchenbach’s “ Dyna¬ 
mics of Magnetism,” and who was one of the first men in Eng¬ 
land to investigate and accept the phenomena of 1848, in his 
latest work, entitled “Notes and Studies in the Philosoph}' of 
fexmal Magnetism and Spiritualism,” argues that every law in 
Ike natural or physical world depends on the “ grand trunk force 
universal gravitation,” which being divisible into centripetal 
®ad centrifugal, in other words, attractive and repulsive forces, 
Is as the active principle, traceable through all the changes 
Ktthich take place throughout the realm of nature. In the au- 
fear’s words, “ All change is necessarily dependent on these 
feres; no chemical compositions or decompositions can take 
f&ace without them ; they regulate the great orbs in space, as 
as the form of the minutest of the primitive crystalline 
gkxbules, of which every crystal in existence is built up.” “ In 
«jetable existence, it determines a law of evolution when it 
àscrees the folding up of embryonic forces in those minute spher¬ 
al or germ-cells which develop vegetable crystals ; ” and, “ pro- 
Ǥ&ding with these laws, we observe the law of evolution regu- 
teÜng more complicated germ-cells in animal existence, but still 
Q&edient to magnetic laws of polarity; ” for “ human beings, as 
mil as all other animals, vegetables, and minerals, within the 
magnetic sphere of this magnetic earth, must necessarily partake 
sÊthe magnetic influences emanating from the grand trunk force 
ef universal gravitation.” The author shows that all the phe¬ 
nomena of the so-called forces of heat, light, and electricity, are 
étendent on attraction and repulsion; and that these simple


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