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<1 think not,’ the daughter replied : 4 that cannot be papa; it is 
not so tall as he.’ 
“ As he neared them, the daughter’s opinion was confirmed. 
They perceived that it was not Dr. D-, but a Mr! Thompson, 
a gentleman with whom they were well acquainted, and who 
was at that time, though they then knew it not, a patient of Dr. 
D-’s. They observed also, as he came nearer, that he was 
dressed in a blue frock-coat, black satin waistcoat, and black 
pantaloons and hat. Also, on comparing notes afterwards, 
both ladies, it appeared, had noticed that his linen was particu¬ 
larly fine, and that his whole apparel seemed to have been very 
carefully adjusted. 
“He came up so close that they were on the very point of 
addressing him, but at that moment he stepped aside, as if to let 
them pass; and then, even while the eyes of both the ladies were 
ufou him, he suddenly and entirely disappeared. 
“The astonishment of Mrs. D- and her daughter may be 
imagined. They could scarcely believe the evidence of their 
own eyes. They lingered, for a time, on the spot, as if expect¬ 
ing to see him re-appear; then, with that strange feeling which 
comes over us when we have just witnessed something unexam¬ 
pled and incredible, they hastened home. 
“They afterwards ascertained through Dr. D-, that his 
patient Mr. Thompson, being seriously indisposed, was confined* 
to his bed; and that he had not quitted his room, nor indeed his 
bed, throughout the entire day. 
“It may properly be added, Jbat, though Mr. Thompson was 
familiarly known to the ladies, and much respected by them as 
an estimable man, there were no reasons existing why they4 
should take any more interest in him, or he in them, than in* 
the case of any other friend or acquaintance. He died just six* 
weeks from the day of the appearance. 
“The above narrative is of unquestionable authenticity. 
was communicated in Washington in June, 1859, by Mrs* D 
herself, and the manuscript being submitted to her for revision, 
was assented to as accurate.”


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