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suppose, in fact, that they had declared themselves on the side 
of the philosopher, — does he not see with what an lo Paean of 
triumph they would have been received? with what a clamor 
the philosopher would have denounced all attempts to declare 
them not laws and forces, but spirits? 
“ Mr. Jackson is of opinion that scientific men are the only 
ones qualified to judge of these phenomena, and to bring to 
light what they really are. No idea can be more delusive. 
That scientific men are the best judges of their own natural 
laws and processes, we readily admit ; but in these phenomena 
there are laws in operation which they are totally ignorant of, 
and which they cannot possibly test by any apparatus or mate¬ 
rials in their laboratories. Beyond and besides this, they are, 
from their prejudices and adopted theories, totally disqualified 
for a clear and effective examination of this question. Their 
minds have become stereotyped in particular theories, to which 
the phenomena of Spiritualism run counter. Mr. Jackson him¬ 
self is a living proof of such men being totally disqualified for 
the free and penetrating examination of such a subject. He 
believes in all the phenomena, but denies the conclusions drawn 
by the common sense of many millions of men, and can bring 
himself to believe that intelligences which can come, and reason 
acutely, and make themselves seen, heard, and felt avowedly as 
individual spirits, are mere laws and forces emanating from, or 
existing in, the persons who perceive them. 
“And what is really astounding is, that Mr. Jackson, whilst 
uttering so decided an opinion, shows that he has totally misun¬ 
derstood the nature of the phenomena on which he discourses. 
He puts into the same category the 4 flowers, fruit, birds,’ &c., 
‘which form the stock wonders of the circle.’ He imagines 
them to issue from the vital forces of the circle itself, and 
to disappear and dissolve again rapidly. This may apply to 
the hand which appears at the Davenport séances, and to the 
towers which were brought by the apparition wife of Mr. Liver¬ 
more, of New York; but the flowers, fruits, &c., which are pro¬ 
duced at the séances of Mr. Guppy, and the birds which have


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