Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

The peasants formed their circle, and saw that no one was 
concealed within it, nor was able to pop in or out; notwithstand¬ 
ing, the throwing of stones commenced against the windows of 
the kitchen. Koppbauer, placed at one of them, endeavored to 
ascertain their direction. Whilst Obergemeiner was in the 
kitchen with the others, a great stone was launched against the 
window where he stood, and broke many of the panes. It was 
previously thought that the stones were thrown from the interior; 
and it was in effect from that direction that they now continued 
to come till half-past six in the evening, when the whole ceased. 
Every place in the house where a man could possibly conceal 
himself was visited ; and the guard without continued its posi¬ 
At eight o’clock in the morning, the stone-throwing re-com- 
menced before more than sixty persons ; and they were convinced 
that, issuing from beneath the benches of the kitchen, they 
struck the windows in a manner inexplicable. Pieces of lime¬ 
stone, weighing from a quarter of a pound to five pounds, were 
seen flying in all directions against the windows ; and imme«i 
diately afterwards all the utensils, spoons, pots, plates, full and 
empty, were launched from the midst of the spectators against 
the windows and the doors with a velocity inconceivable. Some) 
broke the glass, some remained sticking in the broken panes^ 
and others, only appearing to touch the glass, fell into the inte* 
rior. The spectators, when struck by the stones, felt only a slighfj 
blow. Whilst utensils were being carried from the kitchen, the^ 
were forced from the hands of those who bore them, or thej 
were knocked over on the table on which they were placed!! 
The crucifix alone was respected: the lights burning before i| 
were forcibly flung down. At the end of two hours, all the glas? 
in the kitchen and all the fragile objects were broken, ever 
those which they had carried away. A plate full of salad carrie* 
up to the first floor, in the act of being carried down again, bt 
a servant, was snatched from her hands and flung into the ves 
tibule. The disorder ceased at eleven o’clock. We omit man 
particulars which took place at this time.


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