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whole of science, starts, and stands still : he finds himself on 
the brink of a precipice. Inaccessible to danger, however, M. 
Seguin would wish to pursue his researches; but wisdom com¬ 
mands him to stop on the edge of an abyss, which no man, he 
affirms, can ever pass with impunity. 
What is the precipice which M. Seguin and his fellow-magne- 
tists see at their feet? Simply, the precipice of Spiritualism. 
The spiritual world opens before them when they desire only to 
deal with this.' In the words of Baron Dupotet, u There is an 
agent in space, whence we ourselves, our inspiration, and our 
intelligence proceed; and that agent is the spiritual world which 
surrounds us.” A step further, and the magnetists were aware 
that they must cut the cable which held them to the rest of the 
scientific world, and float away into the ocean of spiritual 
causation. They must consent to forfeit the name of philoso¬ 
phers, and to suffer that of fanatics in the mouths of the ma¬ 
terial savez ns. 
We find in a late number of the “London Spiritual Magazine,” 
a paper, by Mr. R. H. Brown, on the relations of clairvoyance to 
the facts of Spiritualism. We do but condense his admirably 
clear and logical statement in the remarks on the subject, which 
follow to page 195 : — 
“ It is all clairvoyance ! ” Such is the objection made by many 
who have slightly investigated the spiritual phenomena. Thus 
$ is that Spiritualism has come to the aid of clairvoyance. 
Before the advent of Spiritualism, clairvoj'ance was denounced 
as the great “ humbug” of the day. Nearly all the scientific 
men of the land shook their heads, and lamented the credulous, 
wonder-loving ignorance of poor human nature. Now, as the 
world moves, and as the phenomena of Spiritualism come up, 
ihese same wise gentlemen would use what they denounced as 
Ihe “humbug” of yesterday as the truth of to-day; that is, to 
help them to explain these more advanced facts! 
It is all clairvoyance!” But what is clairvoyance? Its 
phenomena may be briefly described as follows : Persons thrown 
into the somnambulic trance by animal magnetism, through the


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