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and attributed, as thejr were by Dr, Elliotson,* to exclusively 
material causes, professes to be not at all inconvenienced by the 
added wonders of Spiritualism, He admits them all, but is too 
uncompromising- a Çomtean to allow that they point to any 
thing outside of this barrier of flesh and blood. 
Seers and spirits may protest as much as they please; najr, 
the latter may show themselves in their habits as they lived,— 
Mr. Atkinson is inexorable. 
“I think it can now be shown,” he says, referring to the 
spiritual phenomena, “ that there is not any very essential dis- 
Unction between these extraordinary facts and the ordinary ones 
of every-day hfe ! ” 
Shut out from the spiritual hypothesis by his whole past phi¬ 
losophy, Mr. Atkinson consoles himself, after the manner of the 
antediluvian philosopher, who, according to the profane, was 
shut out from the ark by Noah, and who revenged himself 
on the patriarch by telling him that “ it was no sort of conse¬ 
quence; for he believed it was not going to be much of a shower 
after all.” 
A fact of importance, in connection with the history of 
animal magnetism, has been recently brought to light by the 
French Spiritualists. This fact is no other than that the 
niagnetists of France anticipated, by at least half a century, 
the knowledge, since made the world’s property by the events 
* Dr. Elliotson surpassed even Mr Atkinson in the enthusiasm with which he 
sought in a bald materialism for a sufficient explanation of the phenomena of life. 
But, as we have already seen (page 20), Dr. Elliotson came right at last. The “ Lon¬ 
don Spiritual Magazine ” tells us that when modern Spiritualism was introduced, he 
was one of the most scornful of its opponents. He separated himself on the question 
•from his old friend and colleague in the management of the “ Zoist,” Dr. Ashburner ; 
to whom it must have been a source of great satisfaction, after years of estrangement, 
ijftat Dr. Elliotson’s conviction of the truth of Spiritualism was the means of re-estab- 
ÿjÜshing their former friendship. Spiritualism was not with Dr. Elliotson a conviction 
karren of results. It revolutionized the philosophy of a lifetime. He bitterly 
pigmented tlie misdirected efforts he had made, however conscientiously, in the pro- 
imulgation of materialistic principles. He became a thoroughly changed man, and 
^Changed in all respects for the better. 


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