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purposes and desires, intelligence and thought; and surely we 
cannot attribute these to tangible matter. It would be repug¬ 
nant to all our sense of fact, to affirm thatßesh could think and 
purpose. We inevitably refer all such action to the unseen. It 
is the unseen one that loves, and that we love. 
“And now with reference to the spiritual body, it seems 
natural to conclude that these secret powers exist in combina¬ 
tion, forming an interior being. We refer them all to one, and 
yet each is distinct. The same being sees, thinks, and loves. 
And yet seeing, thinking, and loving are quite different. There 
is, then, an organization interior to this physical organization, 
possessing in itself each of the senses, and all of the intellectual 
and emotional power we see expressed through the exterior 
form. And, being so, it is in a proper sense a body. It is in all 
things, but its texture, like the body we see. Only in thus (its 
texture), can we mention aught that the body possesses that the 
spirit hath not. Indeed, except this and the shape of humanity, 
the body hath nothing when the spirit hath gone out. It hath 
no senses, no power. Here, then, we have not only the exist¬ 
ence of a spirit, tpit a spiritual body, in the sense of organi¬ 
“But what of its substance? Hath it substance? or, is it 
without? I have often received the impression from friends, 
that they supposed a spirit to be without substance. Perhaps 
they had no clear conception of what a spirit is. Perhaps I was 
unable to receive their conception. But, so far as able, it 
seemed to be, in the words of another, 1 the most definite con¬ 
ception of nothing ever given to mankind.’ And yet I think 
it manifest that spirit hath substance. To see this truth, let us 
inquire what we mean by substance. Do we mean some particu¬ 
lar thing? No ; for every thing is substance. Do we not mean 
by this term something) in distinction from «öthing? Can we 
mean any thing else? Borrowing an illustration, then, think 
of the millions of human bodies now being moved about by 
spirits. They would all stop, were the spirits to go out. Is this 
immense amount of substance moved without substance, 
moved by nothing?


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