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Rather do they depend, we should say, on an intromission 
from latent spiritual forces, called into action by some abnormal 
conditions affecting the relations of the physical to the spiritual 
De Boismont, whose work on “ Hallucinations” (Paris, 1852) 
has a high reputation in France, admits that some cases of 
prevision “ appear to spring from an enlarged faculty of per¬ 
ception, a supernatural intuition ” 
To our instances of clairvoyance in dreams, we add the follow¬ 
ing perfectly well-authenticated case, related (1S5S) by the Rev. 
Dr. Horace Bushnell. “As I sat by the fire,” he says, “one 
stormy November night, in a hotel-parlor, in the Napa Valley 
of California, there came in a most venerable and benignant- 
looking person, with his wife. The stranger was Captain Yount, 
a man who came over into California, as a trapper, more than 
forty years ago. Here he has lived, apart from the great world 
and its questions, acquiring an immense landed estate, and 
becoming a kind of acknowledged patriarch in the country. 
His tall, manly person, and his gracious, paternal look, as 
totally unsophisticated in the expression as if he had never 
heard of a philosophic doubt or question in his life, marked him 
as the true patriarch. 
“The conversation turned, I know not how, on spiritism and 
the modern necromancy; and he discovered a degree of incli¬ 
nation to believe in the reported mysteries. His wife, a much 
younger person, and apparently a Christian, intimated that 
probably he was predisposed to this kind of faith by a very pe¬ 
culiar experience of his own, and evidently desired that he might 
he drawn out by some intelligent discussion of his queries. 
“At my request, he gave me his story. About six or seven 
years previous, in a mid-winter’s night, he had a dream, in which 
saw what appeared to be a company of emigrants, arrested 
by the sno^vs of the mountains, and perishing rapidly by cold 
^$nd hunger. He noted the very cast of the scenery, marked by 
jh huge perpendicular front of white-rock cliff; he saw the men 
Shutting off wkat appeared to be tree-tops rising out of deep


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