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them, will correspond with the wishes and feelings which exist 
in this body. 
4‘Probably it is very difficult for the pride of man to believe 
that he shall, one day, come into a condition where the noth¬ 
ingness of his inner being shall issue to the light; when the 
mask shall fall, under which he has endeavored here to conceal 
himself, and to parade himself complacently in the public eye. 
It is difficult, too, for the so-called intellectual* to believe in 
spirits that do not show themselves spiritual. According to them, 
every man after his death should at once arrive at the intel¬ 
lectual knowledge and eminence of a Hegel. But now come 
spirits, trifling and foolish, and spirits like those who came to 
the Seeress of Prevorst; who longed after Scripture texts and 
hymns; at the name of Jesus became clearer, and asserted that 
only in the name of Jesus can rest and joy be found. In such 
spirits it is impossible for the learned and intellectual to believe; 
and such apparitions are to them only the product of a sick 
“ And spirits now come, who are much poorer and more desti¬ 
tute than spirits in this life ever showed themselves, so that to 
our critics such a spirit-world must appear unworthy of God; 
and if they could convince themselves that such a spirit-world did 
exist, they would doubt the wisdom of the Creator : since spir¬ 
its, they think, should either not show themselves at all, or in a 
manner to do honor to their Maker. This signifies nothing, 
however; for God and Nature will have the mastery! f 
“ Let us suppose, for a moment, that those creatures on Our 
* Witness the silly remarks of the “London Saturday Review” of Dec. 17, 1862, 
which says, “ If this is the spirit-world, and it this is spiritual intelligence, and if all that 
spirits can do is to whisk about m dark rooms, andpUich people's leg’s under the table, 
and play ‘Home, Sweet Home,' on the accordion,, and kiss folks in the datk. and 
paint baby pictures, and write such sentimental namby pamby as Mr. Coleman copies 
out from their dictation, it is much better to be a respectable pig and accept annihila 
tion than to be cursed with such an Unmortality as this." Kerner anticipates and 
answers the sneers of witlings like this. 
t Bacon says, “Ihe of nature will consent, whether the voice of man do 
or not.”


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