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in jour hat, inside the lining/ I immediately looked in mj hat;; 
and, sure enough, the check was there, just where Colchester told 
me it was.” 
Here, surely, was information, on the medium’s part, quite 
independent of any consciotis knowledge in the mind of the 
inquirer. Yet how often we are told, that the medium’s knowl¬ 
edge is always got from the mind of the inquirer I 
In a letter to our friend, Mr. Coleman, of London, Professor 
W. D. Gunning writes (1868) from Boston, as follows in regard 
to Mrs. Cushman, a medium who resides in Charlestown, 
Mass. : ct I visited her house in company with a Boston clergy¬ 
man. A guitar was laid on my knees, and after a few minutes 
lifted up, held in the air, and played upon by unseen hands. 
This was in full daylight. The concert lasted an hour. It was 
utterly impossible for the lady to touch the strings. No mortal, 
under the circumstances, could have made the music. Of this 
we were both satisfied. We did not decide hastily, but only 
after the fullest investigation. Now, the agent that played the 
guitar, whatever it was, acted wonderfully like a human being. 
We requested a particular tune : it was played ; then another : 
that was also played ; and so on for an hour. How could we 
resist the conviction that here, unseen by us, was a spiritual 
being, a man or woman, knowing the music that we knew, 
hearing our words or reading our thoughts, and able, under 
conditions we may not understand, to move material things? 
4 We are compassed about with a cloud of witnesses/ We need 
to return to the early faith, the faith of the founders of Chris¬ 
tianity, the faith of all great poets of all ages. This age is 
steeped in materialism ; but re-action has begun. Men are cry¬ 
ing out for the knowledge of Eternal Life. With the eloquent 
Bishop of Rhode Island, I hail this influx from the spirit-world 
as a gift of the Father, sent in his own good time to his children, 
to wean them from doubt, to confirm them in faith, to take away 
the sting of death by the knowledge that immortality means no 
gauzy abstraction, but real human life/* 
In the winter of 1860-61 we tested, on some forty occasions,


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