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“Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same spirit. . . . Have all the gifts of 
healing? do all speak with tongues? do all interpret?“ — St. Paul. 
THE number of persons in the United States through whom 
phenomena similar to those in the case of Mr* Home and 
of Mr. Foster have taken place, is now so large, that to mention 
them all would almost require a volume. Charles Colchester, 
young and of a fine personal appearance, but wayward and infirm 
of purpose, like many similar sensitives, gave us several sittings, 
at which he manifested remarkable powers, not unlike those of 
Mr. Foster. 
We know not how true it is, but Mr. Colchester told us, that 
on his meeting Hermann, the celebrated prestidigitateur, the 
latter said to him, “ If you can give me the name of my father, 
I will believe that your intelligence is preternatural ; for no per¬ 
son in America, I am convinced, knows that name/' Colchester 
at once wrote out the name, Samuel Hermann Radesky ; and 
Hermann said it was right. 
Mr. William Ambisy Colby relates (July 6, 1861) that he 
called on Colchester ip New York. “I first asked him,” says 
Mr, Colby, “ if he could tell me what I had lost. He told me I 
had lost a pocket-book with papers in it of no value; that it was 
picked from my pocket in a Broadway stage. I then told him 
that he was mistaken; for there was a paper amongst them 
of value. 1 Oh, no ! ’ said Colchester, ‘ I am not mistaken ; but it 
is you who are mistaken. The paper you have reference to is a 
check for $315, which, instead of putting in your wallet, you put


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