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I 21 
Pillows and bolsters are taken from beneath the occupants of 
beds. Noises, ranging from the reports of many muskets to the 
distant boom of a field-piece, are heard in different parts of 
the house. Scores of persons attest the accuracy of these state¬ 
ments. Most of them avow that no human agency could do 
what they have seen done and escape detection. If there is 
any thing true in the doctrines which the Spiritualists preach, 
they may make converts by the hundred in this neighbor¬ 
Another English journal, the u Western Gazette,” of July 31, 
1868, describing these occurrences, remarks, “ Of course, a great 
philosopher cannot be expected to investigate a ‘ trumpery ghost 
story,’ or a 4 silly tale of a haunted house-’ He Jenoxvs that it is 
impossible for a table to move without hands; and it would, 
therefore, be only a waste of his valuable time to inquire whether 
a table has ever done so or not. This, we fear, is the view 
which too many of our all-knowing savans will take of the 
Muchelney business. But is such a view truly philosophical ? Do 
we know everjr thing yet? Are there no natural laws or forces 
yet to be discovered? — no exceptions, or apparent exceptions, to 
the operation of known laws to be determined? 
“We may safely assert that it is impossible that one and one 
can ever make three, or that the three angles of a triangle can 
ever make more or less than two right angles; but, once clear of 
mathematics, we can never be safe in using the word ‘impossi¬ 
“A generation that sees two men on opposite sides of the 
globe, conversing with each other by means of an ubiquitous 
agent, that is known only by its effects, can surely believe in 
almost any thing, except the incorrectness of the multiplication- 
“We have no well-defined theory on the subject of these 
phenomena; but we are convinced that there is no trickery in 
this case; that the phenomena are due to causes of which science 
has, as yet, taught us nothing; and that we should act in an un- 
philosophical spirit if we rejected the evidence of our own and


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