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and are recorded by Upham, were of the same class with those 
phenomena which 4he present writer and thousands of other 
persons have witnessed, during the last thirty years, in cases of 
somnambulism, whether induced by mesmerism or independent 
of that influence, and, in the more recent manifestations, through 
persons called mediums. In the Salem phenomena there were 
violent convulsions of the bodies of those afflicted, especially 
when the supposed witch was near. There were surprising and 
apparently superhuman exhibitions of muscular strength. Vio¬ 
lent motions in objects around, as if attracted and impelled by 
some mysterious force, were witnessed. A staff, an iron hook, 
shoes, keys, and even a chest, were seen to move, as if tossed by 
an invisible hand. A bed, on which a sufferer lay, shook most 
violently, even when several persons were seated on it. Stones 
were hurled against houses and persons : articles of iron, pewter, 
and brass were tossed about, a candlestick being thrown down, 
a spit Hying up chimney, and a pressing-iron, a stirrup, and 
even a small anchor, being moved; of which facts many persons 
were eye-witnesses. 
Mysterious yappings were also heard. Audible scratchings 
on the bedstead of a person affected were made. A drumming 
on the boards was heard; and a voice seemed to say, “We 
knock no more ! we knock no more ! ” A frying-pan rang so 
loud that the people at a hundred yards’ distance heard it. 
Sounds as of steps on the chamber-floor were heard. Divers 
noises as of the clattering of chairs and stools were heard in an 
adjoining room. Very varied are these instances. 
Wonderful powers of thought and grace of expression were 
exhibited by the most ignorant and uneducated, and by persons 
of ordinary, and even of small, mental capacity. Of one person 
it is recorded, “ He had a speech incessant and voluble, and, as 
was judged, in various languages.” Of a little girl it is men¬ 
tioned, u She argued concerning death, with paraphrases on the 
thirty-first Psalm, in strains that quite amazed us.” 
Cases of mysterious knowledge, like those now called clairvoj'- 
ance, are reported, even by the coolest witnesses. Brattle men-


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