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coal, A-; it is a burning coal; feel the heat of his hand. A 
burning coat will not hurt Daniel! — have faith!’ I closely 
examined kis hand, and by the light of the glowing coal I could 
trace every line in the falm of the hand. The skin was not, as 
will be surmised, covered by a glove, or steeped in a solution 
of alum : it was as clean as soap and water could make it. Mr. 
Home now explained that spiritual beings had the power of 
abstracting heat as a distinctive element; and to prove this he 
said, now mark: — 
“ ‘ We will cool it now, —1 draw out the heat.’ My doubts were 
by this time thoroughly aroused : I closely watched the process. 
On laying hold of the coal, which had become black, I found it 
to be comparatively cooled; and, taking it from his hand, I ex¬ 
amined it carefully ; so also the skin of his hand- At his request, 
I returned the coal into the palm of his hand; almost instanta¬ 
neously, the heat returned ; not to incandescence, only the 
caloric. On applying my hand to the coal, I burnt myself, and 
took conviction at the cost of a slight injury. I cannot say I 
doubted any more. The scrutiny I had submitted the hand 
of Mr. Home to precluded this ; but, desirous of making cer¬ 
tain of the fact of an unprotected surface of the hand of the 
medium being ‘ fire-proof,’ I took Mr. Home’s hand, rubbed it, 
moistened it; not a trace of any foreign matter, and, strange 
enough, no smell of smoke, or the burnt smell of fire observa¬ 
ble. Mr. Home, who was still in a trance, smiled good-temper- 
edly at my persevering efforts to undo my own conviction. . . . 
u On another evening, Mr. Home, after he had shown us some 
truly remarkable phenomena, all whilst in a trance, knelt down 
before the hearth : deliberately arranging the bed of burning 
coal with his hands, he commenced fanning away the flames; 
then, to our horror and amazement, placed his face and head in 
the flames, which appeared to form a bed, upon which his face 
rested. I narrowly watched the phenomenon, and could see the 
%mes touch his hair. On withdrawing his face from the flames, 
I at once examined his hair ; not a fibre burnt or scorched, — un¬ 
scathed he came out from the fire-test» a true medium»


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