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I whispered the rest in his ear. The man looked aghast, and, 
drawing me aside, said, ‘There should be no human being but 
myself who knows a word of that affair. Say no more. You 
have said enough.’ This man subsequently became one of my 
best friends.” 
As these are comparatively very slight manifestations of 
power, we will not pause to anticipate the obvious objections 
which skepticism might raise to the uncorroborated form in 
which they are here put. 
From the numerous published accounts, amounting now to 
several hundred, by many different witnesses, of the phenomena 
produced through the mediumship of Home, we select the 
account, which we slightly abridge, by the late Robert Bell, con¬ 
tributed to the “ Cornhill Magazine” (London, August, i860), 
when the late Mr. Thackeray — so justly celebrated for his writ¬ 
ings— was the editor. 
In introducing the account, Mr. Thackeray says, “ I can vouch 
for the good faith and honorable character of our correspondent, 
a friend of twenty-five years’ standing.” 
Of Mr. Thackeray’s own convictions on the subject we have 
the following record, which we extract from Weld’s “Last Win¬ 
ter in Rome ” (1865) : — 
“ I remember well meeting the late Mr. Thackeray, at a large 
dinner-party, shortly after the publication in the ‘Cornhill 
Magazine,’ then edited by him, of the paper entitled £ Stranger 
than Fiction.’ In this paper, as will be remembered by many 
readers, a detailed account was given of a spiritual séance, at 
which Mr. Home performed, or caused to be performed, many 
surprising things, the most astounding being his floating in 
the air above the heads of persons in the room. There were 
several scientific men at the dinner-party, all of whom availed 
themselves of the earliest opportunity to reproach Mr. Thacke¬ 
ray with having permitted the paper in question to appear in a 
periodical of which he was editor, holding, as he did, the high¬ 
est rank in the world of letters. Mr. Thackeray, with that 
imperturbable calmness which he could so well assume, heard


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