Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Reports of Visits to Foreign Laboratories, vol. 7 (1932-33) [Illustrated Typoscript in 7 volumes] Reproduced with the kind permission of Dr. Cecil E. Leith
Benedict, Francis Gano
Ecole Nationale Veterinaire at Alfort. 
Professor F. Maignon. 
Vfe had seen Professor Maignon at Rome and although he was not 
actively engaged in metabolism studies at this time I felt I should 
visit his Institute, as I had never been out to Alfort. 
As a matter of fact, the visit there showed relatively little 
of direct importance to the Nutrition Laboratory but led to my 
getting in contact with a veterinary in Versailles. The laboratory 
at alfort is interesting historically as Chauveau worked there. 
There is a great deal of historical apparatus. None of Maignon's 
present problems interested me at all. He is enthusiastic and an 
interesting man to meet and we greatly enjoyed our social contacts 
with him and his family.


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