Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Reports of Visits to Foreign Laboratories, vol. 7 (1932-33) [Illustrated Typoscript in 7 volumes] Reproduced with the kind permission of Dr. Cecil E. Leith
Benedict, Francis Gano
arose: Where does its extra growth and weight come from if the injected 
rats eat the same and have the same basal? Of course the injected 
rats probably are less active but as yet Asher has no idea as to their 
relative activity. I think their whole method of handling the experiments 
is quite other than we would do it. 
One study, in which they were using thermo-couples for the 
temperature of the rabbit’s neck, studying the temperature near the 
thyroid, interested me greatly. After denervating they cool the animal 
and get the temperature difference on the two sides, or determine 
whether one side cools off more than the other. This was rather too 
deep for me, but the animal was wonderfully quiet. I noticed another 
rabbit with a catheter in place, with which they were studying the 
indigotin, carmine output in the urine. The animal was strapped down 
but Asher says it does not attempt to struggle. It had been used 
many, many times. One remark that Asher made impressed me greatly. 
He stated that he believes rabbits in general are too stupid to fuss 
and that dogs are impossible for many delicate physiological tests, 
as they are too stimulated and always under tension. 
Asher was much disturbed over a recent American paper on creatinin, 
published in the American Journal of Physiology. He could not understand 
what the man wrote and I am sure I could not, and Gordon Douglas, who 
was at the dinner at Asher’s house that evening, was also nonplussed. 
In one breath the writers stated that the creatinin is a linear function 
and in the next they stated that it is independent of the other ~ 
comparative factors. It is a good case of very bad writing. When will 
the writing students realize the value of learning English? 
Abelin I had the pleasure of meeting in Stockholm, where he and 
his wife attended my lectures. He doesn’t impress me as being well. 
I feel that he is a very serious worker and it is almost a pity that 
he must stay at Berne, where he is so dominated and overshadowed by 
Asher. I think he feels this strongly himself. Apparently there are 
the pleasantest social relations between the two families but Abelin 
is evidently dominated by Asher or he has found it necessary to become 
a "yes-yes man". My returns, however, were more profitable from my 
discussions with him than from what I had with Asher. 
Abelin very kindly drew up for me what he considered his main 
problem with his sub-problems and this is included herewith. (See pp.MI-ZU) 
He is very much occupied in studying the influence of the thyroid upon 
metabolism, but is puzzled by the fact that while he can get an 
increase of 100 per cent in metabolism by feeding thyroid, he can 
produce an increase of only 50 per cent by changing the food. Abelin 
is much impressed by the respiration rate as a good indication of the 
basal metabolism and he finds that 4 heart beats for each respiration 
is a good relationship.


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