Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Reports of Visits to Foreign Laboratories, vol. 7 (1932-33) [Illustrated Typoscript in 7 volumes] Reproduced with the kind permission of Dr. Cecil E. Leith
Benedict, Francis Gano
Foreign lectures . 
On the general plan, first inaugurated by Professor Miles of 
the Laboratory, that representatives of the laboratory could 
secure much more cooperation in studying the results of unpublished 
foreign work if they brought something with them to the various 
laboratories, I planned to give lectures as in the past few tours. 
Several rather important innovations were introduced on this 
trip. First, instead of having one lecture I prepared three. 
Second, while formerly the lecture that I gave consisted exclusively 
of unpublished material, this year because of the fact that the 
work on cold-blooded animals had been published only in monograph 
form and hence was practically unknown to the large body of younger 
physiologists, it was decided to make the first lecture a semi- 
popular presentation or digest of the snake book. The second 
lecture summarized our new, unpublished for the most part, results 
on comparative physiology with special reference to comparative 
metabolism, bringing in the discussion of the surface-area law and 
the differences in metabolism of different species of animals, 
especially warm-blooded. This lecture is to be the basis of a 
comprehensive article, discussing the question as a whole, to be 
published I hope ere long. Since very frequently I would be in¬ 
vited to address various medical societies, hospital centers, etc., 
the third lecture dealt with human metabolism in the light of most 
recent investigations, laying emphasis upon its practical appli¬ 
cation in the hospitals. 
These three lectures were carefully written in English and then 
they were translated into excellent German by Dr. Strieck of Würzburg 
and into French by Miss Vuilleumier of the Laboratory Staff. Thus 
I had nine manuscripts, three English, three German, and three French. 
To aid in presenting to friends I was about to visit specific 
details in regard to the lectures a pamphlet was prepared and 
printed, giving certain fundamental information with regard to the 
lectures as a whole and giving a table of contents, so to speak, of 
each lecture. This was sent on, usually several weeks in advance, to 
the various centers I purposed visiting. This enabled the selection 
of the lecture by the medical society, etc., and gave a much wider 
choice than the single lecture I had usually carried with me. (A 
copy of this program is shown herewith.) The lectures were illus¬ 
trated by lantern slides, of which I had 75 in all. Those in the 
snake lecture were obviously copies of material already printed. 
The other two lectures represented, as usual, for the most part un¬ 
published material. 
There was no occasion or no necessity for giving any of these 
in Rome, for the Congress was devoted almost exclusively to series 
of short papers.


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