Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Reports of Visits to Foreign Laboratories, vol. 7 (1932-33) [Illustrated Typoscript in 7 volumes] Reproduced with the kind permission of Dr. Cecil E. Leith
Benedict, Francis Gano
University of Leipzig. Physiological-Chemical Institute 
Professor Karl Thomas. 
Thomas is one of the most remarkable men in Germany. At the 
present time he is chiefly interested in studying the effect of a 
definite one-sided food or diet, such as water, glycerin, oleic acid, etc. 
The dogs had stomach fistul0" +1-----“ylinder or canister 
strapped to the back which 
amounts inter¬ 
mittently for six hours, even when the animal was running around. 
Thus there is continual feeding of the animal for this period. This 
canister is supplied with liquid food and is forced in by the compressed 
air. The dog usually has a wide collar extending several centimeters 
each side of his neck, after the design of Sahlstedt of Stockholm, 
to prevent the dog from biting or interfering with the apparatus. 
Thomas is also expanding. He has a great many students and the 
place is teeming with enthusiasm and much life. He has a respiration 
chamber for which he received some special grants and this naturally 
attracted a good deal of my attention. Alongside of the respiration 
chamber is a Universal table, but he used no spirometer, employing 
instead the automatic oxygen valve attached to an oxygen cylinder 
with the trade name "Andos", which I saw at Dortmund in 1929. They 
also used the alcohol lamp of Meyer of Dortmund, using the electrical 
ignition. After the lamp is lighted the heating wire can be turned 
one side out of contact of the flame. The lamp is on the pyknometer 
principle and can be weighed before and after. Essentially the 
same thing, designed by Meyer, formerly of Dortmund, is used by 
Szarkall of Dortmund. 
Thomas's Williams bottles are ingenious although clumsy. It was 
a form of Williams bottle in which no rubber connection was used, but 
the bottles were "tied" to each other with large U-tubes containing 
mercury so as to have a mercury seal between each bottle. (See 
figures and ) This called for extensions on the ingoing and 
outeoming air so that the ends turned down and enlarged or flared to 
fit into the mercury seals. There is a tremendous amount of mercury 
used everywhere in the laboratory. 
The respiration chamber had a 180-liter capacity and the top 
had a celluloid window with clamps to hold it down. The chamber 
seemed to me extremely large for a dog. There was a tube to draw off 
the urine and the bath temperature was controlled by an electric 
thermostat and heater. Thomas determines the oxygen and carbon dioxide 
together and then uses the oxygen analyses in calculations. In going 
into some calculations with him on this point, I saw that he got a 
90 c.c. error of oxygen. Personally I saw no advantage in analyzing


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