Volltext: Reports of Visits to Foreign Laboratories, vol. 5 (1926-27) [Illustrated Typoscript in 7 volumes] Reproduced with the kind permission of Dr. Cecil E. Leith (5)

fat or dirt from the rubber tubing but simply to oxidation. 
Meyerhof made a fine impression upon me. He is very serious and a hard 
worker, with strong and honest beliefs, and I think he is an ideal type of 
scientist, although I have heard considerable adverse criticism of his 
scientific attitude since I left Berlin. Meyerhof thought they should have 
called Professor Magnus from Utrecht to Berlin as successor to Rubner. He 
thought Durig was not a great man. But as I recall it, Rubner thinks they 
need, first, a teacher, and everybody says that Durig is a wonderful lecturer. 
Meyerhof also thought they should have chosen Warburg as Rubner’s successor. 
Meyerhof says that a lot of people almost discovered insulin. Thus, 
Minkowski and Zuelzer almost discovered it. They got a depression of blood 
sugar but convulsions, and did not know it was due to low blood sugar. They 
were scared, since they thought it was a foreign protein such as trypsin and 
that the individuals were sensitized to it. They all stopped their work at 
this point, but Banting followed it up. He said that the Banting-Macleod 
controversy was very bad and that at the Nobel prize lecture there was quite 
a mix up, each avoiding mixing with the other if he could help it. 
Meyerhof is a most intelligent fellow. He admires A. V. Hill greatly. 
Apparently the two are very thick. He says that Hill's alveolar air tests 
are O.K. He wonders why Lusk is so dogmatic. It is a pity that I did not 
have time to go into A. V. Hill’s ideas with him in London. As a matter of 
fact, when I was there later, it was impossible to see Hill long enough. 
I wonder whether the labile CO2 is sufficiently "blown off" to give a real 
respiratory quotient, even with the fore and after periods that Hill uses. 
Krogh and Lindhard with most of their work went only to 1500 c.c. of oxygen. 
Hill, of course, goes enormously higher (nearly 6 liters of Og)* How do 
these two things agree? Meyerhof states that the gamma glucose of Lunds- 
gaard, Winter, and Smith is skeptical. He says the work of Winter and Smith


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