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Reports of Visits to Foreign Laboratories, vol. 4 (1923) [Illustrated Typoscript in 7 volumes] Reproduced with the kind permission of Dr. Cecil E. Leith
Benedict, Francis Gano
1 f>p 
a Swedish physiology as one in German, French, or English. He is of course 
on a great many committees, is considered a very good mixer, and a good one 
to straighten out strikes. He is a very polished, fine speaker, and the 
president of innumerable societies and associations. Ho told me that 
Gerste was probably to be his successor, that Liljestrand was to be the 
sucesssor of Santesson, who will retire before very long, and he is quite 
convinced that Dr. Berglund has no chance in Sweden because the competition 
is very great. 
Apparently Johansson lays great stress 4pon lectures. He says they 
are the most important thing and research is second, but he gives Liljestrand 
a chance for research alone. Liljestrand has but very little teaching. 
Johansson says it takes him two months each year for his work in connection 
with the Nobel Prize Committee. As Liljestrand is his private secretary, 
he saves Johansson a great deal. 
In discussing the matter of cold environment, Johansson says he only 
went one quarter hour and found in this time no increase. I noticed a large 
galvanized iron respiration chamber with an opening in the head with a 
rubber collar, which was used to determine the intestinal gases as a result 
of the indigestion resulting from war bread, where they had very much 
trouble. But as a matter of fact, the apparatus was not satisfactorily used. 
I took two photographs of Professor Johansson at his writing desk (see 
figures 52 and 53). 
Professor Johansson says he retires in 1927 and jokingly said he was 
getting to be a very old man, but he seems even younger than ever and is 
one of the most attractive personalities I have ever met. He admits he is 
said to be very "easy'* in his dealings with men and students.


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