Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Reports of Visits to Foreign Laboratories, vol. 4 (1923) [Illustrated Typoscript in 7 volumes] Reproduced with the kind permission of Dr. Cecil E. Leith
Benedict, Francis Gano
Rostock, Germany. 
University of Rostock (Medizinische Universitäts-Poliklinik). 
Profeasor Dr. B, Grafe. 
Since ray la3t visit Dr. Grafe had received a call to go to Rostock 
from Heidelberg and had established a special laboratory in the Poliklinik, 
so that I was glad to visit this. It is perfectly astonishing the energy 
this young man has and what he has accomplished. He has fitted up the 
laboratory with a Jaquet-Grafe respiration chamber, with a special device 
for aliquoting with a gas meter, with a small chamber for dogs, and a very 
small chamber for the white rat. He has a very complicated gear case for 
getting different rates of ventilation with the aliquoting chamber, from 
.2 liters to 45 liters per minute. Bo also had a very good gas analysis 
apparatus and in general the whole place was fitted up very well. I was 
much impressed with the intense loyalty and enthusiasm of the three or 
four assistants he had with him. 
Grafe was quite inclined to discuss political matters rather exten¬ 
sively, but we were able to discuss certain scientific matters. He was 
apparently very much affected by the criticism that was raised against his 
work and Graham’s in our Publication 280, although he expressed nothing 
but appreciation of the friendly way in which we had written. Still, he 
felt as if our criticisms were entirely unsound. He has been writing a 
large for Ellenberger's Handbuch (a copy of which has subsequently been 
sent to us), discussing this point at some length.


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