Volltext: Reports of Visits to Foreign Laboratories, vol. 3 (1913-16) [Illustrated Typoscript in 7 volumes] Reproduced with the kind permission of Dr. Cecil E. Leith (3)

the vaseline was not too great to affect the results. The respiratory 
gases were very carefully analyzed by the complicated apparatus of Rég¬ 
nault. The research on muscular work was still in process of development. 
I noticed in this laboratory a Blix-Uandstron kymograph, electri¬ 
cally driven, which ran with considerable noise. Dr. Weiss told me that 
when it first came it was noiseless, but their mechanician took it apart 
to repair it after a slight accident and never got it back into a noise¬ 
less condition. Subsequently 1 noticed in Phillipjson*s laboratory in 
Brussels that he also had a Blix-Sandstrom kymograph and that this, too, 
ran with noise. 
monsieur nucien Bull. 
'The most active worker in the karey Institute is M. Bull, who 
has been there for at least 18 years. As an expert technician, designer, 
and constructor, he probably has no equal. For example, he was at the 
time of my visit building a very large string galvanometer, (fig. 6; . 
Dince it appeared to be similar to the one 1 saw in the laboratory at 
Columbia University, New York City, which was being constructed by l)r. 
H. B. 'Williams, it is quite possible that Dr. Williams may have obtained 
his design from the Bull appjaratus. Dr* Bull uses glass strings in pref¬ 
erence to quartz, making and silvering them himself. 
I examined very carefully his ingenious tuning fork plan for 
synchronizing a motor to open and close a slit of the photographic appara¬ 
tus, also for rotating an aluminium disc in front of a lantern to cut off 
the light, and finally ordered the apparatus for our laboratory. A small 
motor is actuated by the tuning fork.


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