Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Reports of Visits to Foreign Laboratories, vol. 3 (1913-16) [Illustrated Typoscript in 7 volumes] Reproduced with the kind permission of Dr. Cecil E. Leith
Benedict, Francis Gano
French politeness. One feature of the situation which always struck roe as 
being somewhat unfair was the fact that Mademoiselle Pompilian, the author 
of one of the plans, was always present at all of the conferences, while 
Professor Lefevre, being in Havre, naturally could not be present. 
It was obvions to many of the members that the commission was too 
large. Professor Bertrand, who impressed me as being the most level-headed 
of them all and to have a clearer grasp of the situation than any one else, 
was very frank in stating his belief that the commission was too large and 
that very little could be accomplished until some one individual was res¬ 
ponsible for the whole matter; in other words, while the society as orga¬ 
nised had a president (Gautier) and the laboratory was being constructed, 
no director had been appointed for the laboratory and no one individual 
was responsible for its general plan, its construction, and its equipment. 
This seemed to me, and especially to Professor Bertrand, a very grave error 
Professor Bertrand was sure that the only thing to do was to copy the res¬ 
piration calorimeter in the Nutrition Laboratory, sending some to to 
»America to study it and learn the technique. 
When M. Alquier gave me a copy of the brochure describing the 
new laboratory, I pointed out several features of the building which seemed 
to me to be defective. I also spoke of them to Professor Gautier at the 
luncheon given by Dr. Bcux. He then told me that he had invited the archi¬ 
tect to meet me at dinner at his house and we could at that time go over 
the whole plan. 
The guests at Professor Gautier's house included the members of 
the commission, one of whom was M. P. Begnard, also the architect and some 
other friends. In discussing the plans with the architect, I found that 
the arrangement of the whole building had been determined by the design 
of Mademoiselle Pompilian's calorimeter, which required a peculiar series


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